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Sacramento juvenile defense attorney Mark S. Mayfield provides expertise, experience and effectiveness at a reasonable price in Sacramento and Northern Californa counties. Call our office at (916) 932-8531 for a free consultation if you need legal assistance for your child.

Many parents assume that "everything will work out okay because we're good people" when their child is arrested. However, the District Attorney doesn't necessarily see it that way and may charge your child with a crime... no matter what you tell them! It is thus extremely important that you have a strong advocate on YOUR SIDE as soon as possible.

Our office can advise you on all aspects of your child's important legal matter. If your child is charged with a crime I will insist that they (and you) are treated fairly and respectfully. Juvenile law is not the same as criminal law and there are many ways to reduce and even "erase" charges under the California Welfare and Institutions Code.

It is extremely important that AS SOON AS YOU KNOW your child has been arrested or cited for a crime that you contact an attorney. Please call (916) 932-8531 from the Sacramento area for a "no commitment" free consultation.